Accident repair

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident, it can be a stressful time sorting out repairs, paying the necessary costs and dealing with insurance companies. Let GL Coachworks take over.

We’re here for you:
we can arrange collection of your vehicle, supply you with a courtesy car while we repair the damage - even handle communication with your insurer to complete the claim on your behalf.

We specialise in repairing vehicles after accidents, and we do so in line with manufacturer repair methods, ensuring an exceptionally high standard repair, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is safe.

In addition to ensuring your vehicle is safe and roadworthy, we pay close attention to erasing any visible signs of damage, removing even the tiniest scuffs and scratches, enhancing your car’s residual value. We can even treat car interiors, including damage to your upholstery, leather and dashboard, as well as windscreen chips – all are completed to the highest standard. Contact us to get a FREE quote.

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